Terminal session Hotkey Support

Hi Team,

I want to send Ctrl key in Terminal session(TN3270).

While using activity Send Control Key of terminal session, I am not able to find Ctrl option in the dropdown.

Can you tell me, which key needs to be sent for the Ctrl operation.

@ClaytonM, @vvaidya Please suggest.

Thanks in advance.

  • KeyModifiers - Enables you to add a key modifier. The following options are available: Alt, Ctrl, Shift, Win.

In the options, check “Ctrl

Thank you so much for your response.

But I have to send the Ctrl key into the terminal.

I wont be able to pass it through send hotkey.


Hi @ronak_94
I think you need to find out which “Emulation” Key is being performed by pressing the Ctrl key. In your Terminal application, look for “Configure Keyboard”. Then, you can see what is mapped to the Ctrl key.

I hope that helps. I don’t have anything mapped to the Ctrl key in my Emulator, so I’m not sure which one to choose in the Send Control Key activity.


thanks @ClaytonM for the response.

Even I dont have anything mapped to the Ctrl key in the Emulator, will try to figure out the way.


What are you using the Ctrl key for? If it is for performing copy and paste or something similar, then you would need to use the Send Hotkey.

I am using the key to move to next screen, as Enter key is not working here for the same.

I’m thinking that you are performing the “Transmit” key in the Send Control Key activity. If it throws an exception when trying to use this key, then it’s possible that the Emulator is not supported that well by UiPath. In that case, you would need to code your emulation to use the Send Hotkey for some control keys, and have a selector string stored in a variable so you can reuse this; it will also be beneficial to ensure there’s only one emulation instance at a time so the selector can be easier to use.

FYI, I’m in the same situation in my company where we switched to TTWin Emulator, and many of the control keys don’t work. But, I coded it with some Send Hotkeys and works really well, as long as you have some good logic to attach to existing connections and close out of existing instances when the connection does not exist yet.

EDIT: “Transmit” is normally same as Enter key


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I ask you if you managed to solve this problem. Because I have the same case and I can’t find how to solve it.



I managed to solve this problem by changing the key mappings of the terminal.
I assigned Ctrl key mapping to Enter button in Mainframe, and then used Send Control Key with transmit option.

This worked for me.