Terminal Session activity "Get text At Position" not working correctly

I attempting to get multiple fields from a screen in Bluezone using the Terminal Session activity “Get text At Position”.

I am scraping at Row 5, Column 25 for 15 characters. This is working on my W10 machine and other W10 machines.

When testing on Windows Server 2012 and W7, I am getting different results even with the exact same ZAD file.

What I am getting is Row 6, Column 1 for 15 character.

Also for some of the runs I am getting an Invalid Co-ordinate error message . I assume that this is a timing issue with the screen not being attached and ready to scrape,

Any suggestions?

On the W7 machines, it is acting like each row is only 10 characters long plus the first 3 rows are pulled as empty when they are not.

Make sure that you are using the correct version of Bluezone.

Minimum release: ver 5.2.