Terminal Session Activity - Close Connection Property does not work

I working on IBM so i am using UiPath.Terminal.Activities.

Terminal session works fine and all the actions inside too but the property ‘‘Close Connections’’ does work.
What am i doing wrong or is it bug?

It does not show any error too. It does not matter if i have the property ‘ContinueOnError’ set True or False.

I tried the following versions of UiPath.Terminal.Activities:

Thank you.

Hi @Diogo_Machado

This will not close the window but will close the connection between uipath and the main frame application.

I have the same problem. It was supposed to “finish” the image subprocess. What happened until last week, and now it stopped working. This close connection is not actually bringing down the connection.


Thank you for the response, Varun Kumar
What do you mean?

When you close the connection between UiPath and Main Frame Application, the window should be close since it was open by uipath

I like to add that this was working like i intended couple of days prior.
I am not sure if i understand you correctly, sorry.

Hi @loginerror ,

can you give some help with this?
This property, “Close Connection” doesn’t work :frowning:

Thank you for your report @GCaldas.

I sent it over to our team to investigate a bit closer.

Hello @loginerror , thx for this.

We found that the “big flaw” is due to the lack of a sequence, even if it is empty, inside the “terminal session”.

But I think this should be “warned” or even thrown an error.

The CloseConnection property is ignored if the OutputConnection property is set. We consider that the connection is meant to be used at a later point in the workflow so we do not close it.

If the connection is not meant to be reused, do not set the OutputConnection property.

This is not explicitly documented right now but there is a new version of the terminal activities documentation in the works and it will include an explanation for this behavior.