Terminal - Get Text at Position

I am having issues with Terminal activity. I am on a screen where I need to capture the Due Date column so I am using Get Text at Position and was able to capture all the dates. But now I need to select particular data that matches on previous screen which I created variable (OutstandingBill) and unable to do it.


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May i know what error are you getting here ?

As you said you want to compare this value with previous screen value. Is it of type string or any other type ?

And also could you please show me screenshot of that data in MainFrames. Need to check once it is in which format.

Thanks Lakshman.

See screen below.
Basically, I need to find a date from a previous screen and then come to attached screen and put PAY for each outstanding bill.
For example,

If my date on previous screen is 060719 then I need to put PAY in first column of Mainframe and then go to the next screen and PAY my bill and then come back and select the next date until I pay up to 060719 bill.


You should try using ddate.contains function rather than ddate. equals as ddate contains multiple date values.

Contains isn’t one of the option.

ddate. I get - Equals, GetHashCode, GetType and ToString

Use ddate.ToString.Contains(“030119”)


Thanks. I don’t want to hard-code the date like 030119) I need to put the dynamic date from a previous page.
I successfully created a variable to capture the date in previous screen. I just need to loop through using that date in ddate.ToString.Contains(variable from previous screen)

Can anyone help with this ?

Normally for terminal automation, you need to run through each line within a loop using a counter.

Then, in your Get Text at position, use that counter. It would also be helpful to store the column values for each field into variables.

So basically, the column and row in the Get Text at position would be variables.

you also need to store what the last line number will be so you can reset the counter and move to next page.

It would be something like this:

rowCounter = startingRow
Do // do while loop
   Get Text at Position // col | rowCounter | fieldLength
   IF: fieldText.Trim <> ""
      <perform other actions for that row>
      Assign rowCounter = rowCounter + 1
      IF: rowCounter > endRow
         rowCounter = startingRow
         <perform next page action if necessary>
While fieldText.Trim <> ""

EDIT: you can compare the fieldText with your other value if needed in that first IF


Thanks ClaytonM. That make sense.

Can you share the sample project so I can see how it flows in UIPath?