Terminal Activities - Get Text doing weird things - How to find position of string

Terminal Activities is oddly missing an activity that tells you the row and column where a particular string is found. So I’m trying to build this logic.

My idea is simple and SHOULD work.

  • Get Text into screenText
  • stringRow = screenText.IndexOf(stringToFind) \ 80
  • rowText = Get Text at Position: row stringRow, length 80
  • stringCol = rowText.IndexOf(stringToFind) + 1

Now I should have the row and column where the string is found.

The terminal screen is 24 rows 80 columns, which is 1920 characters. But when I use Get Text, it’s giving me 1968 characters. Where are the other 48 characters coming from?

Then it hit me…newlines count as 2 characters :slight_smile: