Terminal activities error: Workflow Designer encountered problems with your document

Hi everyone, I am facing to an issue with Terminal activities.
I recorded a proess and when I tried to save the flow, it always says"Workflow Designer encountered problems with your document" and all the record has gone.
It seems “set field” activity cause the issue.(when i use only “set field at position”, it doesn’t show.)
I am automating a host with IBM Personal Communications.
Could anyone help with this issue?
Thank you in advance.


Hi @chinami
Can you tell the application name which you are trying to automate?
Suggestion is to try with IBM EHHLAPI method and let us know.


Hi @jibanjyoti thank you for your quick reply, and sorry for the late reply.
I am automating CFapi with Personal Communications.
I am currently doing without “set field” activity and it is working, so for now it’s fine.
Thank you very much,


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