What are tenants in UiPath Orchestrator ? What is the purpose for the same ?

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I have already read this blog. It has everything except the basic definition of tenant.


Please have a look here about this.

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Let’s take we are in a industry
Where we have different departments in it
And for each department we want to have a robot and manage its execution and the data associated with it
Mean while we don’t need the other department people to look on to the another department data or disturb and make changes in it
So to maintain that we can place each departments robot, it’s relevant data in different places inSide orchestrator
Those places are called tenant

Usually when we get a license for orchestrator we term it as service license which is of two models either Host license or Tenant license

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Thanks for such an illustrative example. From this I can understand that Tenants are those places where robots & its relevant data is found. Is this correct ?

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However, please note that all the data is stored in the same database.

Not only data and robot, The following Orchestrator components are separated by tenants:

  • Processes
  • Packages
  • Assets
  • Queues
  • Triggers
  • Robots
  • Environments
  • Jobs
  • Logs
  • Alerts
  • Audit
  • Settings (including licenses)
  • Users
  • Folders
  • Machines

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