Tenant selction screen just refreshes

Using interactive login from assistant with Windows logins, when the user selects the tenant the screen just refreshes and shows the tenant selection screen again. What is the cause of this? Does something need to be enabled or un-blocked in the browser?

I think you are using community edition of cloud orchestrator

Usually once after clicking on sign in in assistant it will take to cloud page in web browser

There click on home and click on manage option near tenant name
There you will get the list of tenants and choose from there

Cheers @Craig1

No I am using on-prem Orchestrator with multiple tenants.

To be clear, one tenant works fine, but another just refreshes.

I haven’t faced that issue
Is it happening the same with others like in vice versa

Refresh is still fine and I hope there won’t be any impact because of that
In that case we can disable the auto refresh option in the browser

Cheers @Craig1

This is logged in the event log on the Orchestrator server when it happens:

Abp.Authorization.AbpAuthorizationException: Current user did not login to the application!
at UiPath.Orchestrator.Web.Authorization.UiAuthorizationHelper.AuthorizeAsync(IEnumerable`1 authorizeAttributes)
at Abp.Authorization.AuthorizationHelper.CheckPermissionsAsync(MethodInfo methodInfo, Type type)
at UiPath.Orchestrator.Web.Authorization.UiAuthorizationHelper.AuthorizeAsync(MethodInfo methodInfo, Type type)
at UiPath.Orchestrator.Web.Authorization.UiAuthorizationFilter.OnAuthorizationAsync(AuthorizationFilterContext context)