Tenant Region in UiPath Cloud Community

Hi all — I’m new to things around here, but couldn’t seem to find an answer to the following question when searching:

By default, it appears as though my tenant was created with Region = Europe. I’d like to change the region to the US as I believe it might be leading to some region-specific access denials in my web automation. That being said, UiPath says to file a ticket to get the region changed, though filing a ticket isn’t available to Community users. Does anyone have any recommendations?

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For community users the option is not available…if you want to change then you need to have enterprise…ypu can request for a trail version as well but the trail ends in 60 days


Hi @Escapade ,

I am not so sure if this would really affect the automation part, but it is interesting to see that issue happens. Ideally, if you are able to perform and use the application manually, there shouldn’t be a problem with the web automation part as well.

Do let us know if you were able to confirm if it is because of the Tenant region settings.

@Anil_G & @supermanPunch — thanks for the replies.

Yes, essentially, I’m trying to access GPT+Plugins (which isn’t yet available via API, but I have access to via Alpha) via logging in and using the chat prompt. When I go to the page (chat.openai.com) on my own, I get the login, but the preview shows me that when the bot goes there it gets “Access Denied” (screenshot below),

Some options I was thinking:
A) Perhaps I can do the 60 day trial for Enterprise, then get tenant region changed, then downgrade back to Community and retain the new region if it works?
B) Is there a way for me to have the bot use a VPN to change location?
C) Could it be that the browser used by the bot (Chromium) is causing the issue? My manual method was using Chrome, so I wouldn’t think so. If so, maybe there’s a way for me to have the bot change browser?



(Maybe worth me mentioning: I noticed that the region seems to be Ireland because when I go to an arbitrary sign-up page, the phone country code defaults to Ireland)


a) once you take trail after the end period license will go to free not community
b) As this is studio web and the bots are serverless bots we dont have control of vpn
c) Not sure of this but I think its not because of that but may be because of the region your tenant is in the robots also will run under same so it might be the case that your bots are not in same region as US…so they might not be working, but again there is no restriction for chatgpt in other regions,but I guess its becasue you are using a user register in one area and trying to use the UI in another…

If its api it would not have stopped I Believe one thing you can try is to change the user location to match with tenant and then use that user to get the details…No sure how you can get a user location change in chatgpt but looks like that might be viable here


Unfortunately, I hit the access denied wall prior to being able to log in :frowning:

Hi @Escapade

Can you try reach out to community forum by emailing them directly at support@uipath.com

In your request, you can provide your tenant name and explain the reason for wanting to change the region. UiPath support should be able to assist you with the process or provide further guidance.


Hi @Nitya1 — I’ve sent the email. Thank you!

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