Tenant: Default, requires username and password after .msi installation for Orchestrator 2019

Enterprise edition orchestrator asks for default username and PW after i install .msi.

yes of course
it would ask for email and password as it is a enterprise edition and we need to give the one of the admin of the orchestrator or whoever has access to login to that orchestrator

Cheers @testing_mail

Actually i am the one who downloaded from UiPath portal and installed it and i am the admin for the same.
I have tried giving my sys id and pw. it doesn’t work.

when i install the software, i guess it haven’t asked for any credentials.

refer the below link once

It is for 2018.2, still i tired the same UN and PW.
NO luck getting accessed.

@testing_mail which version are you using

2019 studio, Orchestrator have got from UiPath portal from Enterprise edition

Hi @testing_mail

Could you contact our technical support? I am sure they will be able to guide you :slight_smile: