Template "watermarking"

Hey all,
The starting point of all my developments is a heavily modified re-framework. The problem I’m having is, that since I’ve added quite a lot of functionality to it based on experience of prior projects, this framework comes with many solutions already embedded that would require hours of modelling otherwise.
Since it’s a template, I can’t turn it into a library, and I have seen now its use outside of my scope. Whilst there’s nothing bad about that per se (It’s a validation of a good job after all), I would like to add some sort of crediting or watermarking to it, so that the people that use my framework at least know where it came from (I know, vanity, but there you are…).
Is there any way to do that? Add something along the lines “This was done by me”?


The only thing i can think of is use of commenting…

Thank you for your suggestion. I added it to our internal ideas tracker for our team to consider.