Template variables - Pass details from automation directly into template

I would like to be able to call variables from HUB

For example when you create a pdf file or word file in the template area you can pre fill it out with variables like this %%VariableName%% then if that variable exist in the project record it will replace the variable surounded by %% with the value found in hub.

%%Automation Name%% - ID:%AutomationID% - By: %%Automation Owner%%
%%AutomationArea%% - %%Automation Category%% - %%Automation Sub-Category%%



%%Automation Goal%%

Would become this

DocumentTransferBot - ID: 01 - By: Franklin Debue
SALES - Customer Outreach - Contact Team

SALES > Customer Outreach > Contact Team > US Division

This bot helps the sales cutomser outreach team reach out to residential customers by streamlining the gathering of info needed to create a client ticket.


To activate maybe click a button that says generate file next to the download button. We could then make any addital edits to the template but most of it would be filled out.

Bonus if we could have custom fields with custom %%TriggerWords%% to add to the project and template files.


Thank you for your reply.
In Automation Hub, we support uploading your own PDD, SDD, DSD documentation templates (or using the UiPath standards), in order to encourage your employees to use the right template. We also support uploading the project documentation, for having a centralized repository. However, we do not support generating PDF or word files containing variables from the automation profile. We recommend launching Task Capture, which will use data from Automation Hub to prepopulate parts of the PDD Task Capture generates at the end of the process capturing, which can be exported back in Automation Hub.

We will add this feedback as an insight, and consider it for future improvements, depending on how many customers express the same pain point.

Kind regards,