Template-less capture

Hi ,

In new version of Uipath do we have anything like Template-less capture?
I want to know about this if you have any information regarding this, please share.

Thanks in advance.


Sorry i didn’t get you. Could you please tell more details for better understanding.

we have requirement to read the invoices, which is handwritten, as of now we are using Abbyy Flexi capture with rule-based, but our client requesting us to not create rules, to achieve this I heard in this month UiPath has released Template less capture ,but i searched on this topic i didn’t get any information regarding this , if anybody have knowledge on this , please help me.


Are you looking for Taxonomy manager ?

Thanks for making me to know about Taxonomy manager ,
but i am looking to activities for , template-less capture it’s new thing that has been introduced in UiPath . which will help us to read the invoices of different pattern like abbyy flexi capture.

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