Template change in data folder

We developed a project where we used a particular upload template in the config data where the whole process has three excel files, which then sorts, filters and copy it in the upload template and simply uploads it into the client site database. This is not a proper RE framework. we used the config file to store credentials. the process is linear.

Recently, client had updated us with a new template, so we updated by editing the heading in BUILD DATA TABLE activity and rearranging the data rows accordingly in ADD DATA ROW activity. All values are same as the old ones except the dates. Previously the date was 23 october 2023 which is now changed to 23/10/2023.

Now the issue comes while uploading the excel where the site reports that the datatype of date type cannot be converted into string. There was no change in site settings and any formats.
The bot was able to generate the excel file according to new templates and the values are found to be correct.

If we are to enter the fields manually, it will be able to upload on to the site.
need help asap, been stuck with this more than two weeks

Hi @Praveen_SJ_CCTSPL_GE,

can you show error screenshot?



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use format cells activity and format the date related columns on excel to data format…generally by default it would be in General format

if using template excel…then n template change the format of required columns to date and use the template


hi anil, thanks for the info. Here we are just using template for reference. We are building a new one by adding data row after that. So we use format cells activity? haven’t used that activity much… could you walk me through it?


as the error in your target application is date format is wrong…I believe it is expecting the column type to be date…so for that use format cells and give the range and set the format to date

This is how you can sue

this formats full C column similarly do it for any column you need


hi anil, the version we are using is the classic version and i think, it doesnt support this


Then you are left with two options

  1. Have a empty excel template with the required format and always write the data to that template copy
  2. Use macro to change the format of the cells


hi anil, used this method of reading the table and clear data. then added data row to it. but havent used macro… can use that?


any of the above two methods should suffice

make sure complete all the column formatting in the template itself


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