Temp Tables in the Execute Query activity - Community Edition

I was wondering if there were a way to use temp tables in UiPath. I have the community edition and am using the Execute Query activity (which I tested with a simple query and the connection to the database I need is good). The problem is I am trying to automate a report that requires a query to be run with temp tables and it throws a syntax error (saying it starts right at the first create temporary table). I am running my query through a server that uses mySQL for queries and I have the needed permissions to run temp tables (I have used this query on another platform [heidiSQL] that ran just fine). Do I need to set something up first? Is it simply not allowed? Or is it something else?

Hi mhall,

Try applying your SQL Query as a stored procedure on Execute Non Query Activity. There, you will just specific the stored procedure name and parameters of your query.

Can you explain what you mean? As far as queries go I’ve only ever needed to use the Execute Query activity, and I learned how to use those through trial and error. (Some of the terms you might use may be unfamiliar to me)

Hi mhall,

Apologies. What i mean is using execute query with commandtext = storedprocedure. (Check the properties of the activity)

Your storedprocedure will contain a series of sql commands (e.g. Creating temptables, manipulations) that will output a result set. This storedprocedure will be created by you and you ll be deploying it in the database itself. Then You will call your stored procedure via execute query activity.

I believe you are setting your series of sql commands then specifying it as command type= text. This command type can only accept a simple select query.

Ah that makes more sense, I still have some questions but they may answer themselves when I actually go to try it. Thanks a lot!