TEMP Folder converted into a File (Generate Yearly Report


I’m experiencing an error on Generate Yearly Report. Whenever I run my project my Temp folder is converted into a file then I can’t save the file
But when I run just the workflow it works.

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What you are trying to do?, can you explain more?


I’m trying to save the file from Reports - Download Monthly Report to Data\Temp folder but after the Save as is not working because the Temp folder was converted into File.
Here are the activities that I used and also their properties.
Here are the properties of those activities

Here is the Config file.
I’m getting an error on Read CSV because the file was not downloaded as the Temp folder become a file after running the whole project. Hope you can help me.

Can you share your code for this?

System1_CreateYearlyReport.xaml (20.3 KB)
Here it is. Or do you need the whole code?

Data\Temp is your File Path or Folder Path?

Please Share Whole Code.

GenerateYearlyReport-Performer.zip (1.3 MB)
Here it is

If I run the System1_CreateYearlyReport and provide a default like this

It is successfully saving but if I ran the whole project, my Temp folder become a File that’s why It’s not proceeding to Read CSV

Use Create Folder activity instead of Create File.


Thank you! It was working fine now.

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Done marking it a solution. Thank you again!

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