Tell us what you want! Deploying AI Computer Vision - On-premises or in the Cloud?

A huge thank you :pray: for previewing AI Computer Vision over the last 2 months – your feedback is really making an impact on our roadmap/priorities.

We’re getting closer to the official release and to ensure we’re able to best support your needs for AI Computer Vision, we’d like to ask for your help to complete a short survey so we can understand what configurations will be most compatible with your company’s infrastructure & internal policies.

Even if you’re not planning to roll-out CV immediately, we’d love your feedback too. Thank you all in advance!


The Cloud solution should respect user privacy tho.
Also, your question form is not accurate. Have a “other” or “all of the above” option available :slight_smile:

Edit: to explain: If a client does not agree with a system plugin,E.G Cytrix, CV would be a awesome tool to have as a developer.

But, multi company clients require multi developer approach.
In some case the cloud solution(private), and in some other solutions the on-prem would be preferred.
Some clients run Linux, some only MS.

GDPR is a must within company’s so the requirements to fulfill these are mandatory.

As the “Other” option: Would like to see a MS install for on-perm. :grin:


@MickeyFireMouse - Your recommendation is spot on. Actually, we meant to add an “All of the above” option for that question but it was mistakenly left out - the survey is now fixed. :slight_smile: Thanks for your feedback!

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Best to do it like Kantu RPA. Cloud version in the free version, plus the option to buy an on-premise solution if you need it for compliance.