Tell robot to select Radio button base on Excel file

Hi everyone

I’m new to UIPath and have been self learning using Udemy. I’m doing a data entry RPA using Excel Data field. Able to do 80% of the rpa but got stuck with the radio button and the email field.


Appreciate it if someone can guide me on how to tell UIPath to select the radio button based on the Excel data.

Also, I can’t seem to get the UIPath to enter the email address despite doing the usual Anchor base > find element > Type Into… (i’ve already set up the Get Row item > Write Line which worked for the other fields.

Please help!

Thank you!


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Hi buddy @Shahreen_A

Welcome to unpatch community

Fine let’s go one by one

  1. To check the radio button we have an option called check activity which Selects or clears radio buttons and check boxes and for more info in this
    That should work for sure
    Or if we are not able to select each radio button and it’s term as individual elements we can use click image activity with a it condition like it the excel gives us this value it should go to THEN part and make a click on that radio button with click image or should go to ELSE part and should click on another string selected as image with click image activity
  2. Using anchor base should work for sure buddy
    Make sure the find element is made with correct element and use type into activity in the right side
    Make sure that the value from is passed with value to type into and I hope you are good with that already

That’s all buddy you are done
And kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @Shahreen_A

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Thank You Palaniyappan. I’m aware of the check box. just not sure how to put in the logic. Will give your solutions a try.

Did that work buddy
Cheers @Shahreen_A

The email address is now working consistently by keeping it simple (no anchor). Just use “Type In” as you had suggested.

For the radio button, I used “If” function and it worked perfectly.

Cheers @Shahreen_A

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