Technical Questions about environment deployments

Currently undertaking a proof of concept and exploring options for production environments, but need some advice.

Context: The use-case involves triggered ad-hoc runs of a process so is logically best placed as a front-office deployment. However, several members of the same team will need to access and run the process on different machines through the day. For them this would be easiest with the robot set up as a virtual machine they can remote in to in order to run, but I’m not sure how this is best served through licensing.

A few specific questions also:

  • If a user triggers a workflow within the front-office VM environment through remote desktop connection (and the license is for a Front-office robot), will the workflow be impacted if the user:
    Minimises or closes the window
    Disconnects from the session
  • If I were to acquire a back-office robot license, can this be triggered manually through remote desktop connection and selection of the package from the tray?
  • Any issues/complexities to be aware of with Front-office robots deployed to server environments?