📢 Techgig Code Gladiators 2021 virtual hackathon is live

Code Gladiators is the largest and annual coding battle in India and UiPath is an exclusive automation partner, 3rd year in a row for the 2021 Techgig Code Gladiators virtual hackathon. All RPA enthusiasts worldwide are invited to participate and showcase their skills.

So, what are you waiting for? Create your team or participate individually by Registering HERE

Think of your next big idea, we are looking forward to seeing ideas & solutions based on the following categories

Category # 1 : Automation for Good

UiPath continues to devote its efforts to solve social problems. Automation for Good is UiPath’s initiative aimed at researching, collecting, and inspiring ideas for automation that create a positive impact on society’s wellbeing. In this category, participants are expected to develop ideas and solutions that can solve any problem related to:

  • Health Care and Well-Being
  • NGOs and Public Sector
  • Accessibility
  • Education

Category # 2: Enterprise Integrations:

Analysts and customers have highlighted UiPath’s technology alliance ecosystem as one of its three main strengths. Demonstrate this key strength of UiPath by building automation that solves a real problem for a specific user of any of the enterprise applications listed below. The proposed workflow must integrate to one or more of the enterprise applications listed using activity packs, connectors, or accelerators which are hosted in the UiPath Marketplace and are also accessible from within UiPath Studio:

The list of enterprise applications includes:

Adobe Sign Microsoft Translator
Amazon Comprehend Microsoft Vision
Alteryx Oracle NetSuite
Amazon Textract Salesforce
DocuSign ServiceNow
Jira Slack
Marketo Smartsheet
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Workday
Microsoft Teams Workato

*Note: If you are not using one of the above-mentioned enterprise applications, please consider participating in category #3

Category #3: Business Challenge:

Use the UiPath Platform to build your solution solving a relevant business problem. It can be out-of-the-box attended automation designed to benefit every employee at your organization or a unique personal assistant/automation.

You’ll develop end-to-end solutions that stretch the boundaries of how the UiPath platform is used to solve the real, impactful challenge. You can also use UiPath partner technologies to supplement your automation ideas e.g. Chatbots, APIs, etc.

:trophy: We’re giving away INR-3,50,000/ $4,600 in cash prizes.

:exclamation: Rules: Click here to view hackathon rules

Dates Phase
15th March 2021 Pre-Registrations
23rd March - 7th June 2021 Coding open round
9th June 2021 Coding Semi-finale shortlist
10th June - 27th June 2021 Coding Semi-finale
22nd March - 7th June 2021 Hackathon screening and semi-final
30th June 2021 Hackathon finale shortlist
30th June 2021 Coding finale shortlist
24th, 25th & 29th July 2021 Finale
31st July 2021 The final result on the website
2nd August 2021 Prize distribution process initiation

Other prizes:
• Featured on Community Website
• Opportunity to have a blog post on Community Website
• The winner announcement post on UiPath handle
• Winner announcement post from India Leadership handle (LinkedIn and Twitter)

May the Force be with you