"Teaching Tomorrow’s Workers to Thrive with Robots." @SXSW 2019

UiPath Forum Members, we need you!

UiPath has been nominated to speak on a SXSW 2019 panel titled “Teaching Tomorrow’s Workers to Thrive with Robots.” As you may know, SXSW is an annual conference that celebrates the convergence of entertainment, culture, and technology, and speaking slots are coveted.

Competition is fierce! We’re up against more than 5500 (seriously…) panel proposals, and need your help!


  1. Create a log in (only takes a few minutes!)
  2. Vote for our panel by clicking the Vote up! sign next to the panel name "Teaching Tomorrow’s Workers to Thrive with Robots”
  3. Share stories of how the Forum has helped your RPA journey in this thread. We’d love to include them in the panel.
  4. Let us know if you’re planning to go to SXSW!

You all are integral to UiPath’s success, and we’re really excited about this panel because it gives us another opportunity to tell your story + get more people onto the Forum!

From now through Thursday, August 30, all proposed panels will be on the SXSW website to be voted on by the general public. Community voting makes up 30% of the selection process.

The proposed panel includes @Ana_Cinca (VP Enabling Technologies), UiPath customer Holly Uhl (State Auto), Tom Davenport (frequent Harvard Business Review contributor, Babson Professor, and Author), and Steve LeVine (Axios’ Future Editor). The session will focus on how we can prepare future workforces to thrive in robot-enabled businesses, and how automation is creating new job opportunities for today’s workers, like yourselves.

Personal note: Ana (@Ana_Cinca) is a strong supporter of our community and she is one of the people that make things happen in anything community related (she was also involved in creating the Academy a year ago). Even though she is not a developer like most of you here, she wants to create new and easier “paths” (pun intended :smiley:) for you to grow and innovate.


Vote casted. I didn’t find a thumbs up sign, by the way. There’s a Vote Up button that turns green when you click it.

Just to share a quick story of how the Forum has helped me:

RPA is still very new here in South Korea. Most local companies large enough to afford a license are on the move to automate, mainly due to a major Labor policy change effective from July 1, 2018 (work hours were reduced from 68 hours/week → 52 hours/week). I’m only half serious but I think UiPath should target governments of over-working countries instead of individual companies.

There aren’t many developers here who are used to the concept of automation, and most of the experienced developers in Korea don’t take RPA seriously yet. So naturally, my colleagues and I, we all feel like pioneers in this area of work. We were so glad to have found the Forum, where there were so many people who had experienced the same problems as we did. Reading threads at the Forum came as a shock to me, just like the day I discovered that other people’s wives also have Morning Sickness. This is a great community and I’m trying to repay my debt by investing my time answering questions.

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