Taxonomy Manager vs "AWS"

I recently had a customer asking Amazon had anything similar in their document processing capabilities similar to UiPath Taxonomy Manager. They use UiPath already for a number of automation tasks and they really like it. I have a some experience with UiPath Document Understanding creating a POC from a little while back so I have some (dated) experience using Taxonomy Manager and pushing through DU.

My question is on AWS. My customer thinks that AWS Document Processing has a similar ability to Taxonomy Manager (keeps bring up SageMaker). In my research, I do not think AWS has a tool resembling Taxonomy Manager. SageMaker does not (that I can find that is … but it does do a lot), Textract is a “model-less” extraction capability (while rather good at what it does, its not perfect and you can not train it), A2I is a post-extraction verification tool (aka “edit/correction” post-extraction without a feedback loop to Textract … A2I does other things as well post transction or for “labeling” documents) for setting up team(s) to perform the “human in the loop” phase.

Am I wrong in my analysis that AWS does not have a Taxonomy Manager like capability for creating document models for custom documents ?