Taxonomy manager not working for both enterprise and community edition

Hello Community,
I was trying to perform the document understanding operation via community edition, there is a bug not letting me add any document type or any group via taxonomy manager via both community and enterprise edition! Please help and let me know if there’s any possibility to continue with my document understanding operation.

Hi @Manoj_sreekanth

You can update the Packages and try it.


  1. Uipath.DocumentUnderstanding.ML.Activities
  2. Uipath.IntelligentOCR.Activities


Hey @Manoj_sreekanth , just wanted to check if the above helps remediate your issue.

Hey @Raluca_Laic , It does not seem to work either way. I have checked it multiple times, I guess this is a problem on the os version , since taxonomy manager is working fine for the office version of windows.

@Gokul001 thanks for the reply too:)
couldnt get rid of this error.

Hey @Manoj_sreekanth , can you provide more details about the bug you are encountering? What error message are you seeing and do you have some repro steps that we can follow to investigate this?

The featured video is explaining the error that Im facing, un able to add or create any document the taxonomy window itself never works out when opened, with multiple clicks om each label.

Hi @Manoj_sreekanth !

What OS Version are you using ?
Can you provide us more details, so that we try to reproduce the issue on our side?

Thanks in advance,

Looks to me this is something to do with the OS. I had similar issues and had downgraded the “Uipath.intelligentOCR.Activities” from version 5.02 to 4.13.2 has fixed my issue. Let me know if you have already tried that!

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I tried downgrading but still just hangs, cant enter anything, just freezes up, a bug surely rather than an Intel update required to the graphics card…

My bad, works perfectly now. I had a hidden update for my monitor and intel, updated both and its perfecto, apologies :slightly_smiling_face:

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Awesome to know Mike

Can anyone help me !!! After installing Intelligent OCR activity and try to create group name in Taxonomy manager it shown the error " An error occurred while updating a document type! "

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taxonomy manager 6.0.1 is not working properly as while creating group name it shows an error… please help me to resolve the issue.


The taxonomy manger still not working for as of Dec 13th 2022.

  1. I downloaded the Net. 5.0.17-windows-x64-installer
  2. The lowest version of Taxonomy manager I have is 5.0.

Please help.

Thank you!

Hi Ahmed,

I am facing the same issue and can’t find a good solution either. Currently my workaround is to use UiPath Studio with Windows-Legacy Components, where everything seems to work just fine (to which also the explained solutions work). As soon as I switch to Windows I’m facing these issues, even by using UiPaths own DU Framework Template.

If you only want to learn about DU, I suggest you download the practice process from UiPath Academy (Document Understanding Course) and otherwise you’d have to “downmigrate” the DU Framework to Windows-Legacy…

You should be able to choose when creating a new process, whether to use Windows, Windows-Legacy or Cross-Platfom.

Hope this helps.