Tasks similar to Level 3 - Advanced Training

Does anyone know where I can still practice on tasks similar to Level 3 - Advanced Training ? I made all tasks in Level3 and want more ))

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You can create own in real world have some like for Amazon scrape products data and add each product to cart, this is just an example there are endless examples

prankurjoshi, do you know how to make two robots work with one site and do not conflict with each other?

I am sure they will not until they are not using the same process if they are performing different tasks and are different process they will not conflict, even if process is same and robots are different they will not

That is it is necessary to open IE two times under different users? Run two processes in this way?

If robots/Processess are different they will open separate instances

But if they work with the same site, they can use the same Selector. Is there no conflict here? Or will the visibility of the robot be limited only to the instance that it opened?

It depends on your selectors if you have used some selectors that contains ID attribute and lets say it changes randomly then it will fail if your selectors are stable then it will definitely work