Task Scheduler unable to login


I have scheduled a process via Task scheduler with option “Whether user is logged in or not”. But it seems the task scheduler is not bale to login to the system. I am gteting the result as 0*1. Can anyonw please help me with this?


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I think the suggestion you gave is for BackOffice Robots. But I am trying to run a Front office bot and unable to do it.

I ahve done the same thing still no luck.

Any way your trying to automate front office then why’d you require bot to login where user presence is mandatory.:rolling_eyes:

Actually there is a process that needs to be run in the morning. And it is not possible for anyone to be in the office by morning 7:30. So I am looking for some option if this can be run as back office bots.

Then it should be back office bot. In that case above post is the solution.
Orchestrator is the ultimate ans for it.

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Is there any other option than Orchestrator ?