Task Scheduler related issues

Task Scheduler

Please be informed that you can try using Task Scheduler. But as Task Scheduler is windows component, we wont be able to trouble-shoot issues related to Jobs schedules using Task Scheduler. Hence, we will not be able to assist you with Task Scheduler related issues and it is out of scope for UiPath support.  
You can always go to our community forum https://forum.uipath.com/ and check how Task scheduler works with unattended Robots.
Orchestrator is our web component for managing (Start,stop,Schedule etc.) the robots. It has other useful features like Asset, Queue and central logging mechanism which makes the managing and monitoring easy for high scale environment.
For testing purpose, you can use our community Orchestrator https://platform.uipath.com  which will help you understanding how it works with Orchestrator.

If you want to Start executing a specified workflow XAML from command prompt, please refer to below command: 
UiRobot.exe -file “%HOMEPATH%\Documents\UiPath\test_debugging\Main.xaml”
UiRobot.exe -f “%HOMEPATH%\Documents\UiPath\test_debugging\Main.xaml”

Link which can be referred: https://robot.uipath.com/docs/arguments-description

Kindly be informed that We support only below modes of execution - 
1. UiPath Studio [/Command line]
2. UiPath Robot Tray
3. Orchestrator