Task not resuming. No Email sent

Hello all,

I have an unattended process running with action centre. It creates the task and sends a notification email for the action centre user to complete. After submitting, it resumes and finishes.

However, I added more logs and now the process won’t send the notification email nor will it resume after submitting. I’ve tested the process on our dev orchestrator as a job and it works, but fails in our production environment. The package version is correct, but the new logs do not show and no email is sent out nor is the job ever resumed.

I’m lost as to why it will work in one environment and not the other. There are no errors either. The job remains suspended.

I’ve republished the package assuming maybe a caching issue. Double checked arguments and triggers to match dev orchestrator. As well as updated any packages I could. Issue still persists.

Please help.

If I understand you correctly, Everything was working fine until you added some more logging?
Did you add the logging to the production side or the dev side, or both?
Did this work in production before you added the new logging?

It was added to both. It worked in the dev environment with similar setup as production.

okay… good to know. How are you sending the email? Which send Mail activity? Office365, Send Outlook Mail, etc.

It’s through Send Outlook Mail. Below is a part of the flow. It seems to skip the retry scope entirely and then won’t resume on action centre item completion

Hi @RPA_Z ,

I know it’s been so long since you encountered this issue. May I pls know how did you resolve it?