Task not executing in the browser its attached to


Im using attach browser to do some tasks in a newly opened tab (this tab is dynamic). In my attach browser i have some tasks that works fine, but my click activity is searching for its UIelement in the previouse tab. Help plz thanks.

Can you share the selectors here @john_johnsen ?

For both attach browser and Click


selector for attach browser:

im using a variable that contains the title, and it works fine, there is no error.

slector for click:

Can you open this selector from the properties and share here


“< webctrl parentid=‘mainContent’ tag=‘BUTTON’ type=‘button’ />”

i cant share images anymore idk why

In here manualy change the actual text instead of variable and try to highlight it and check if the correct element is getting highlighted

It highlighted the correct UI. But it still dosent work. It looks for “Answer button” in previouse tab