Task creation over an email

Can the task which gets created in action center be created in email ? Can Anyone please tell me something about this?

Do you mean, “be created via e-mail”? --> The answer is NO unless you put a robot to do so (or the api?)
Do you mean, “adding a task create a e-mail notification”? --> Yes, I think you can enable the task notifications on the orchestrator


Can this be created over an email ?

No. The tasks are created by robots, and completed by humans. So unless you dedicate a Robot to the task creation by reading e-mail… I haven’t checked the API for this so maybe there the option to create a script that creates tasks (?) but creating a task directly from an e-mail it’s not an option.

How to enable the task notifications via email ?

You have to go to your profile in your Orchestrator and enable alerts for actions. From experience it’s even better method to use the Orchestrator Phone app (more responsive)

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Thanks , I think notification via email doesn’t work , just by mobile app .