Task Capture: Community Edition

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If you want, feel free to send me your email address used to sign up for the download via a private message and we will investigate what went wrong.

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Hi @Uliana_Antsyferova,

I used the ‘Capture Process’ option. When exporting it to Word template (UiPath PDD), section “II.5 Detailed As-Is Process Steps” is blank in the Word doc - doesn’t contain any process steps/screenshots. I’ve tried again on a different process flow and it worked. Probably this was just a glitch.


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This is nice feature, helping us to create Quick business process flow.

However, I am facing issue while exporting as Word document.
Attached the image. Please suggest.
! UiPathExplorerExpertIssue|606x500


Hi @mallibabu_balla

Thanks for reporting, we’ll have a look :slight_smile:

Hi @mallibabu_balla

Did you maybe paste some step notes (title/description) from a web browser?

If yes, there is a known issue that could cause it to fail if these contain unsupported tags.

If the above is true, please try exporting an empty project to verify that it works. If it does, you might have to paste the content of title/description via Notepad, so that all extra hidden tags are removed.

Additionally, if you could send us the ‘broken’ step that causes the file to not export properly (the .ssp file of just that step), we could make a permanent fix :slight_smile:

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Thanks for sharing this, is there any video for Explorer Expert please?


@ANSHUL, see this webinar: https://uipath.zoom.us/webinar/register/rec/WN_bkz3VxjKS7GCa7HuIwC3oQ?meetingId=lP2bMoraQREz5rT552WX-mudG3OlRfVVtzG7g4EJ7Y2wIumekTziMw&playId&action=play

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Hello UiPathers,

Can someone explain what is the difference between Explorer Expert and Explorer Enterprise?

@Fer. From what I know, Explorer Enterprise is a Process Mining tool which captures data from users about their process and analyses it and gives you Process list which are ideal candidates for Automation.

Explorer Expert on the other hand , a recording tool useful in the process documentation. It will capture series of images during a process which can be, later edited in Explorer Expert Editor,then it can give you Process Design document.

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Hi @Fer,

Explorer Enterprise and Explorer Expert are products of the same UiPath product line that works during the Planning stage of your automation journey.

In short, Explorer Enterprise is the Task Mining product that monitors the front-end process tasks in the organization to 1) discover the processes with the help of AI; 2) scientifically analyze them, 3) prioritize the discovered processes for automation.

Explorer Expert helps you get deeper insights into your automation candidates and transform the knowledge of an internal expert (who does the process) into a Process Definition Document (export to Word) and as a workflow skeleton (export to UiPath Studio).

Let me know if you have any questions.


Is there any detailed tutorial or video on how to use Explorer Expert in real life Automation and show its use and benefits…not 2 min elevator pitch video though?

Hi @Gaurav_Sharma,

We are currently working on Explorer Expert dedicated demo - it will be ready in the nearest future.

Meanwhile, I suggest that you take a look at our UiPath Explorer Webinar, where Explorer Expert is presented starting from 13:50 min.

Hope, it helps :slight_smile:


Thanks Sophia. It was helpful. I will wait for the dedicated demo. Will be interesting to know how the tool will be useful in real world complex automation which are what we usually deal with .

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I have also requested a download link. It has been several hours and I have not received an email yet. Is there a faster way to get the link?

Hi @vsharma.illumina

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This happened to me as well recently… I tried the next day and it worked for me…

Hi, I was trying to get some new users working on this and I noticed that the EE manual/documentation seems to have gone dead? When clicking https://explorer-expert.readme.io/docs/introduction
I just get A ’ Project doesnt exist… yet!’ message.
Can you help?

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Hi @Simon_Lant

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Please try this one:
(the product has been renamed and this is where the confusion might becoming from)

We also have a dedicated category for discussion around Task Capture (previous Explorer Expert):


Perfect Thanks for the updates. I had the old links and since updating the client those also now redirect accordingly! Appreciate this work :slight_smile:

Hi, while using the trial version( desktop downloaded) task manager - how is the data managed? Is the data or the processes created using this saved in cloud or anywhere else apart from our local machine or %appdata% folder.

Hi @Privalika!
No, Task Capture stores all the data locally only, in %appdata% folder as you noticed. Another thing I have to mention is the integration with Automation Hub (more details here) - in case you publish document files to Automation Hub, they are sent to the cloud because AH is a web platform.
Hope that was helpful :slight_smile:

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