Task Capture: Community Edition

I have also requested a download link. It has been several hours and I have not received an email yet. Is there a faster way to get the link?

Hi @vsharma.illumina

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This happened to me as well recently… I tried the next day and it worked for me…

Hi, I was trying to get some new users working on this and I noticed that the EE manual/documentation seems to have gone dead? When clicking https://explorer-expert.readme.io/docs/introduction
I just get A ’ Project doesnt exist… yet!’ message.
Can you help?

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Hi @Simon_Lant

Welcome to our UiPath Forum! :slight_smile:

Please try this one:
(the product has been renamed and this is where the confusion might becoming from)

We also have a dedicated category for discussion around Task Capture (previous Explorer Expert):


Perfect Thanks for the updates. I had the old links and since updating the client those also now redirect accordingly! Appreciate this work :slight_smile:

Hi, while using the trial version( desktop downloaded) task manager - how is the data managed? Is the data or the processes created using this saved in cloud or anywhere else apart from our local machine or %appdata% folder.

Hi @Privalika!
No, Task Capture stores all the data locally only, in %appdata% folder as you noticed. Another thing I have to mention is the integration with Automation Hub (more details here) - in case you publish document files to Automation Hub, they are sent to the cloud because AH is a web platform.
Hope that was helpful :slight_smile:

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Hi @loginerror,

Download link asks to fill a form. I filled the form. As a result it says “Thanks! Check your email for the download link.”. But there is no incoming emails. I tried it with several emails but on hope.


Hi @RSalamow

Could you make sure that you are not opted out from receiving emails from us? :slight_smile:

Simply go back to the form and see if this pops-up for you:

If it does, you will have to re-subscribe to receive the link.

If it is not the case, please share some of the emails used in a private message. I’ll try to have a look.

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Thanks for support,
We are UiPath partner as a company so I got lots of emails about new features, products and other marketing stuff. I will send my email as private message,

Hi @RSalamow! We’re sending the email only once when the form is submitted and we just checked that you’ve already done that in March. That’s why the issue occured :slight_smile: but no worries, we’ve sent the email again, please check your email box and let me know whether you received it or not.


Thanks @Anna_Hotsa,

I got the email.


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I’m having same issue. I downloaded Task Capture a few months back but now I want the latest version which looks a lot better than version I have.
I’ve tried multiple times to download but not getting email. I’ve also ticked both boxes at the end.

Help please.


@Anna_Hotsa @
Hi Anna, please review my most recent comment on Task Capture.

Hi @johnom!
Can you please indicate the email that you used for submitting the download form? We need to check it on our side :slight_smile:

hi @Anna_Hotsa
It’s johnom@xilinx.com


Thanks, John!
Please check you Inbox, we’ve just sent the email again.

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Got it thanks.
What happens next time I want to download latest release of Task Capture, will I have same issue or is there an easier way of getting the latest version?

Happy to help! :blush:
In fact, you can use the same download link since the latest version is always available there :slight_smile: However, if you want to keep your finger on the pulse and always be notified of new changes, I would recommend that you subscribe to the release notes updates. This way, you will receive a regular email with a summary of the latest changes + download links after each release, which happens monthly. Please visit https://docs.uipath.com/releasenotes/docs/task-capture-2020-4 and click the Subscribe button in the upper left corner to submit the form.

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Download link asks to fill a form. I filled the form. As a result it says “Thanks! Check your email for the download link.”. But there is no incoming emails. I tried it with several times but no luck. Can anyone help ?