Task Capture 2021.7 Preview Release

Task Capture 2021.7 Preview Release

:loudspeaker: Hello, Community! :wave:

We are excited to share with you the preview release of the Task Capture 2021.7 version! :tada:
Now you can incorporate elements of different projects, enjoy newly-added features of Diagram Editor and change the theme of UI!
Walkthrough the list of updates below, give it a try and feel free to share the feedback :raised_hands:

What’s new?

Efficiently combine different processes documentation into one project! :man_technologist: :woman_technologist:

  • have you ever noticed that the part of the process you have to document already exists and you just need to reuse it?
  • or maybe you want to review the documentation of the same task prepared by different stakeholders to bring up the best of each of them?

Now you can copy and paste diagram elements and actions from one Task Capture project into another! Just open the .ssp file (Task Capture project format) in one instance of the app and another .ssp file in the second one and compare, edit and combine the elements using common hotkeys - Ctrl+C to copy, Ctrl+X to cut and Ctrl+V to insert. Don’t forget to save the changes afterwards and generate the Process Definition Document in Word! :slight_smile:

Enjoy the Diagram Editor enhancements: :large_blue_diamond: :paintbrush:

  • Customize your process diagram with ease!
    In this version, we’re introducing a brand-new “Properties” tab at the right-side panel! Just in a few clicks you can change the fill, outline and text colour of specific elements and apply desired styles to all elements of the same type or entire diagram.
  • Need to provide more details about the elements of process map flow? Fill in the description field that will be automatically included in the exported Word file!
  • Check out updated UI of elements!
    We’ve made elements view even more consistent with the styles of BPMN elements by changing the shape of Events and Decisions!
  • Handy right-click context menu
    Want to copy, cut, duplicate or remove elements? Use right-click menu to easily manipulate the process diagram!

Diagram Editor Enhancements

Switch to the Dark Theme :dark_sunglasses:

  • deep dive into the dark world together with us in a galaxy far away by going to the Settings → General tab on the Home page and changing the Theme to the Dark one! :star:

Dark theme2

How to get it? :wrench:

Feel free to download the 64bit EXE installer here :inbox_tray:

Share your feedback :speaking_head:

Let us know what you think about the updates:

  • what kind of benefit does the styling of diagram elements bring to you?
  • what are the processes that you want to combine into a single project for further documentation?

Found any inconsistency, bug, point for improvement? Don’t hesitate to share your insights here! :arrow_down:


Hi @Pablito ,

Thank for sharing!!

Properties panel addition would come in handy to modify elements of process diagram.
And another feature to combine elements from different .ssp files is great as well.

We have recently rolled out version 21.4 in our organization internally.

When will version 21.7 be available for on-prem users?


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Hi @sonaliaggarwal47,
I guess it is a question to @Anna_Hotsa :slight_smile:

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Hi @sonaliaggarwal47!
I’m glad to hear that you like the updates!
Not sure whether I understood the question correctly :thinking: Are you asking about when the features will be available in GA (general availability)? If so, we’ll include them in the 21.10 October release. But for now you can work with this version :slight_smile:


Hi @Anna_Hotsa ,

Yes, I meant to ask when will this be available for enterprise customers(on-prem). We are currently on studio 20.10.9, orchestrator 20.10.7 and task capture 21.4

Thank you for your response.


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Hi, I am using a SMTP activitiy for bulk email sending.

After 60-70 email with 100 receipients, it says “Server Disconnected”.

Please guide me on this.

Thank for sharing!!

Ronald Soh
IT Support Singapore

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Hi @Anna_Hotsa ,
I often use Task Capture for my own business automation on a 4K monitor with 5 vertical sides. I feel that ’ Efficiently combine different processes documentation into one project’ is very useful for utilizing existing documents. After utilizing the existing documents, the function i want is the function to replace the text in the title and description.


Hi @patent-atanaka!
I’m glad to hear that you enjoy the updates! Could you please clarify a bit on this request → “the function i want is the function to replace the text in the title and description.”? Do you expect to edit the title and description of the captured actions, diagram elements, the Task Capture project or anything else?

Hi @Anna_Hotsa ,
A document that summarizes the required specifications is attached.
Required specifications about replacement function for Task Capture…pdf (353.0 KB)

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Thanks, @patent-atanaka - we’ll check it and get back to you in case we’ll need any clarification :slight_smile:


Great…! Excited to give it a try… :grinning:

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Great…! Excited to give it a try…