Task Capture 2021.4 Preview Release

Hi @dokumentor!
Just to double-check if I understand it correctly - you had TC activated via Community and then tried to sign in to using UiPath Automation Cloud where you had the User License Management enabled and license for Automation Developer allocated to your user account, right? Could you please try to upgrade to the latest version of Task Capture and try to reproduce it?

Hi @Anna_Hotsa thanks for your quick reply:
I have 2 computers:

  1. Computer with UiPath Studio and Assistant connected to my Community account. Task Capture was succesfully activated with option Community
  2. Computer connected to Automation Cloud corresponding to my company’s tenant. Unable to activate Task Capture using Automation Cloud sign in option (error message above). Then I successfully activated using Community option.

It is ok for me now because I can test Task Capture. But my questions now are:

What is the license item needed to use Task Capture? If a client has an Automation Developer license does that include Task Capture?

Thanks again!