Task Capture 2021.4 Preview Release

Hi Anna, the link in your post to the “Documentation portal - v2021.4” results in a 404. From the docs in UiPath Task Capture this version does not exists.


Hi @jvanmarion :slight_smile:
Thanks for reporting it! I’ll take a look at it.

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Please check the URL now, the documentation for 2021.4 version should be available and marked as beta :slight_smile:


Hi Anna,
Nice. It is working now indeed!


Cool stuff


Hi @jvanmarion, @deepak.rai6! :slight_smile:
Did you have a chance to work with the 21.4 version of Task Capture? Is there any feedback you could share with us?

Hi @Anna_Hotsa
i do have more feedback. Where can i send or post my test results?

Main PC:

Studio Pro 2021.4.0 - 4/12/2021
Community License
EXE Installer
License Provider: Orchestrator (cloud community)
Activation ID:
Update Channel: Stable
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Task Capture

License ID: xxxxxxxx
Version: 21.4 | 64 bit Exe Installer


Studio Pro 2021.4.1-beta.131
Community License
EXE Installer
License Provider: Internal
Activation ID:
Update Channel: Stable
Microsoft Windows 10 Pro 64-bit

Task capture

version: 2020.4

Error exporting to UiPath Studio Pro

For example this issue:
When exporting a simple browser process from Task Capture to UiPath Studio im getting quite some errors, that the activities are missing. (when more activities are used they will also generate errors). When i search for the activities they are indeed missing.

Other projects are still running fine and the activities are present. So something in the xaml file is not converted or is having a mismatch with activities.

See screenshot about the error.
I also added the .xaml file which is generated from Task Capture. I cannot open this file in UiPath Studio. It generates errors.

The xaml file: What to mine.xaml (10.8 KB)

I could replicate the exact issue on my laptop with the “old” task capture: 2020.4. Exporting the captured process to UiPath Studio is not working.

second thing is the PDD which is generated without issues, but it looks messy. Chapters should start on new pages. Don’t start a new chapter on the same page where the table of contents is.

I added some screenshots in order. If you need more info that just let me know



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hi all i’m newbie member
nice to meet you all

Hi Anna, this new release looks great! A couple comments from me:

  1. The description field on the right of the attached image is a box that has an internal scroll bar for text that overflows. There’s a lot of unused space below the box, so it would be nice to have the description field the height of the window, to avoid needing to scroll if the text is longer.

  2. Is it possible to copy an action (or group of actions) from one sequence and paste it into another sequence?
    When working with multiple SMEs they’ve sometimes captured extra actions in a sequence even when the flowchart is pre-built. To then have to move the actions myself, I’m having to save the image, go to the correct sequence, insert empty action and then upload the image. I then have to manually copy the Title and Description from the old place and transfer these over as well.
    Another drawback is that by saving the image and uploading, it “hard-codes” any annotations I made beforehand.
    By being able to copy an action and paste into another sequence (with overlayed annotations, title & description) it would make working with Task Capture a lot easier.

I hope the above makes sense! Great job with the releases!

Just to update on point 2.
I see there is functionality to copy an image (action) and paste into another sequence’s empty action, but this still hardcodes any annotations and I still have to manually copy over the title & description. I don’t think there’s a way to copy multiple action images either.

There is a gap between TC’s Lane chart and Visio’s. horizontal lane and vertical Lane cannot cross.

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How can I save my company’s PDD template as. Ssword suffix?

Hi @vinay.mistry !

Thanks for sharing your feedback and apologies for the late response.
Regarding p1 - that makes sense, we’ll keep that in mind for future improvements.
Regarding p2 - yes, you can copy/paste actions or groups of actions using the hotkeys - Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V on the selected items and then selecting the destination sequence. Besides, as one of the updates, we released the ability to copy/paste diagram elements as well as actions from one Task Capture file to another (please see 21.7 preview version announcement to find out more → Task Capture 2021.7 Preview Release). Please also follow the upcoming updates as we’re working on improvements of this capability as well :slight_smile:

Hi @shirley!
Thanks for your feedback!
We decided not to limit the capabilities and make the swimlanes usage more flexible according to the user’s needs, but we’ll note it :slight_smile:
Do you have any other insights to share about the 21.4 release?

Hello @shirley!
You can save your template as the .ssword file by exporting it from Task Capture (hover over the template to see the “Export” icon). Please visit use documentation portal to find out more → Managing Word Templates

Hi @jvanmarion!
Thank you for the feedback! I assume this is something that can be achieved with the Word functionality by changing the layout of the template, but we have to dive deeper into it. Thanks!

Hi @Anna_Hotsa
I succesfully activated and accessed Task Capture using my community account.

But when I tried to activate it connected to my company’s tenant (Partner NFR tenant) I received the following error: Unable to find an active license in the server


Is enough to have an automation developer license allocated to my user?

Thanks in advance for your help

Hi @dokumentor!
Just to double-check if I understand it correctly - you had TC activated via Community and then tried to sign in to using UiPath Automation Cloud where you had the User License Management enabled and license for Automation Developer allocated to your user account, right? Could you please try to upgrade to the latest version of Task Capture and try to reproduce it?

Hi @Anna_Hotsa thanks for your quick reply:
I have 2 computers:

  1. Computer with UiPath Studio and Assistant connected to my Community account. Task Capture was succesfully activated with option Community
  2. Computer connected to Automation Cloud corresponding to my company’s tenant. Unable to activate Task Capture using Automation Cloud sign in option (error message above). Then I successfully activated using Community option.

It is ok for me now because I can test Task Capture. But my questions now are:

What is the license item needed to use Task Capture? If a client has an Automation Developer license does that include Task Capture?

Thanks again!