Task Capture 2021.10 Preview Release

Task Capture 2021.10 Preview Release

Hello, Community! :wave:

We’re happy and excited to share with you incredible updates and improvements of Task Capture in the 2021.10 preview version! :tada:

Walkthrough the list of updates below, give it a try and feel free to share the feedback :raised_hands:

What’s new? :face_with_monocle:

Detect and merge same-screen actions :mag: :woman_mage:

By default, the Task Capture recorder captures all actions you perform, such as mouse clicks, keyboard inputs, hotkey events, etc., and generates screenshots for each of them.

In some cases, you might need to capture a process within the same window (like filling in the form) or can experience lags, accidents, misclicks while working on documentation. This might result in capturing irrelevant or duplicated actions that affect documentation quality. ​

We’re excited to share that Task Capture can now automatically identify same-screen actions, lets users review them and

  • Merge automatically: in this case, all the drawings will be merged in 1 screenshot, and the action title and description—combined​
  • Merge manually: review, select and merge, edit, or remove​
  • Keep it as is if you prefer to.

This enables Task Capture users to create higher quality process documentation with less manual effort.

Note: We’ve also updated the UI of the actions panel and added right-click context menu enabling you easier access to key functions of actions such as editing, saving as images, etc.


Use your own template for Word export :newspaper:

Do you have a custom Process Definition Document (PDD) template created in Word that you’d like to use for process documentation?

You can now easily upload it to Task Capture through an improved intuitive interface. To ensure data captured is displayed in the exported document, don’t forget to include placeholders. Enjoy the output that looks exactly the way you prefer.

Note: We’ve also updated the UI of the “Template View” page and added right-click context menu enabling you easier access to key functions such as renaming, editing, saving and removing the template.


How to get it? :wrench:

Feel free to download the 64bit EXE installer here :inbox_tray:

Want to find out more? :woman_student:

Visit the updated user documentation to learn more about the key updates.

Share your feedback :speaking_head:

Let us know what you think about the updates:

  • how many same-screen actions do you capture per process?
  • do you use a custom template for Word export or the default ones?

Found any inconsistency, bug or point for improvement? Don’t hesitate to share your insights here!


@Anna_Hotsa Sounds great! Especially the new feature to import UiPath projects and export these as PDD.

One area for improvement is the export to UiPath Studio. This is one of the most important program features. As far as I know, it is yet not possible to display the activities in modern design (e.g., click activity)?

Hi @PeCour!
Thanks for your feedback :slight_smile: Yes, that’s correct - as of now, Task Capture supports export to Click, Type Into and Hotkey activities. However, improvements in XAML file quality are already on our radar for future updates. In the meantime, could you please share more details about the key cons of the existing XAML file? What could we do to make it more valuable for you?

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Hi @PeCour!
I’m happy to inform you that we’ve released a new version of Task Capture that includes a bunch of updates of the selector quality for Studio export as well as the support of ModernUi activities that you asked about! Feel free to give it a try and share your feedback! Hope that’d be valuable for you :slight_smile:
Read more about about the updated version here → Task Capture 2022.1 Preview Release

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Hi @Anna_Hotsa,
sounds great! I really like the BPMN feature as well. This is very valuable for our company.