Target recognition takes a lot of time

Good morning community!

I’m trying to get 3 texts from a PDF file.
The 3 values are:
498: Actual pressure value.
499: Min pressure value.
500: Max pressure value.

I’ve tried to use the “Get Text” activity, and use the words “Actual, min, max” and the “Process update: Step 3…” As anchors.

This is how I set the 3 “Get text” activities:

The table looks like the following in the PDF:

At the end, I added a message box that displays the 3 values:

The problem is that the robot is taking around 3 minutes to recognize the 3 values from the PDF. It’s too much time.

Is there a way to reduce that time? How can I fix it.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Hi @Ricardo_Poveda
Instead of using get text activity use read pdf file activity and you will get the output in the string type.
There you can manipulate your string and get the desired output.

Also you can try screen scrapping using OCR methods instead of using 3 get tex activity

Single screen scrapping reduces your time and you will get the whole pdf texts in string variable

please provide your sample pdf file here.
I can also try from my end to automate it to find better solution


Sreejith S S

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Hello .

I could reduce the time by using the Read PDF activity.
Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

@Ricardo_Poveda If it helps you .
Please close the topic by marking it as solution.


Sreejith S S