Target Path for Orchestrator Automation Logs?

Having an installation of Orchestrator, it stores a lot of data on the C: drive. But I did not find the place in the uipath.orchestrator.dll.config where I can change the output path. There are option for SQL and Elastic, but not for the simple file output, just switching to D: would be fine. Any idea?

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Hello, are you asking about robot exection logs? If so the way its sent to SQL or Elastic is via NLog, there are other targets you can setup to send to other destination (like a file) Config | NLog . Regarding storage though, the C drive is the defautl drive for the installation but it does not house any robot logs.

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My bad - of course these are not Orchestrator Logs, they are Robot Logs. It’s a robot instance running on the Server creating the logs. All we need to know is here:

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