Target element was not recognized by CV screen scope

what my robot does is -
Loops through each pdf file , opens them scrapes some data and closes. The output is displayed via “write line” activity (for now)
The robot runs fine but stops with an error (attached below)
It’s not that it stops at a certain pdf but randomly at any pdf and throws the error.
The PDFs are being opened on brave browser rather than on a pdf reader like Adobe Reader , etc which is exactly I want the PDFs to open into.
Is this because of the CV screen scope or the PDFs being opened on a browser? How do I scrape better?

Hello @Fredd

Is it a static format for the pdf ? Did you explored the Read pdf text activity and use regular expression to fetch the data from the excel.

Else you can open each pdf and use Get Text to extract the data from the pdf.

Hey @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
I figured it out. I did some RnD on the scaling of CV and set it to the appropriate value where it was scraping better.
Also, I added the CV scope inside the whole browser activity . The only difference is I just need to open the browser , run the robot and it does the work.
Thanks for the help tho.

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Good to hear your issue is resolved.

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