Tally entry from datatable

Hi everyone,
I have a datatable with invoice deatails as shown in the attached pic.
|I need to do tally entry for each invoice. With my logic I am able to enter the invoice details( items and company name as one Voucher entry)
second one , company name entry is working , when it comes to items i am not getting any. I have used two for each , the inner one for the items . since the inner for each starting from the beginning of the datatable , i am not getting the second items . thats what my understanding.

I dont want to use a separare Data table for the items related fields.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Rajeena_M

As per my understanding you want to read the Item descriptions as one string and also Customer Name as A under the Invoice - A1 !

Can you please elaborate on which dataTables you are using 2 for each loops and also can you please elaborate the expected output.


thanks for the response.

SO its not just Item Description .
along with with items its price also goes into tally.
some situations need to take extra info related to the items , basically most of the items from the dt row goes with one item entry.

I have first for each

  1. goes thrugh the dt rowa, takes the customer name, doea the entry
    then when on the items ,the inner for each to get all the rows with the item corresponding to the previous invoice no. or until the search hits a new invoice number , loops thrugh the dt to get the items and related info to do the entry.
    pls see the attached pic of tally entry

Solved it , thanks

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