Taking Time to get output

Hi there,
I’m trying to do vlookup in excel,as data is in thousands it’s taking more than an hour to print data in excel,
As shown in ss i’m trying this path,is there any other path for it,if yes please show.

Thanks @supermanPunch

@mitul_choudhary Do you want a different method for a Group By Query ? Or can you tell me with a Sample excel Data What is the Expected Output that you need ?

as mentioned, give us some more details and we can check if it can be done with a LINQ

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yes i want a diff method for updated ss.Thanks

Hi @ppr @supermanPunch
I’m trying to do Vookup with column name “all computers” with “bitlocker” “sccm” “summus” “sep” simultaneously.

In detail if i say bot is comparing all the entity present in column name “all computers” with column name “bit locker” “Sccm” " Summus" “Sep”
Hence which ever entity is present in “All Computers” but not in “bit locker” with shown in final report.
Same process goes for Column “All Computers”& “Sccm”
“All Computers” & “Summus”
“All Computers” & “Sep” Simultaneously
new_report3.xaml (68.2 KB)

@mitul_choudhary Can you provide Sample Input excel files and along with it the Output that you expect ? :sweat_smile:

In that way we can provide you a better Solution in the fastest way

soory, bcz of security reason i can’t provide data.
But i have done the process excatly the same mentioned in this video.

confidental restrictions are respected and we do like if it is properly handled.

However you can setup sample data with dummy values like Col1,Col2, A1,B2… and describe the case on this. Thanks

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