Taking the datas in a column, search these datas in a website and click on a specific line

Hi all,

I want to take the datas from the column A:


And when the first finding value , click on the trigger text : “Etat d’avancement du dossier”

Thanks to futur your ideas , I continue to seach in my side.



You’ll have to read excel using Read Range activity,
it will return result in datatable which will contain more than one 1 record.
Iterate it using For Each Row activity and provide datatable to it.
inside for each row, write row(“Column-0”).ToString in field where you want to write it and search.

Hi Pankaj.Patil,

I’ve started my workflow like this:


Please use String.IsNullOrEmpty to check if string is empty or not

If String.IsNullOrEmpty(row(“Column-0”).ToString)){


Write row(“Column-0”).ToString in type into activity.

Ok, I changed it like this :

But it should match the row and click on the trigger text : “Etat d’avancement du dossier”


Please show selector of this ui element OR you can use ui explorer to make reliable selector.


Include Class and innertext and remove innertext until Etat d’avancement du dossier and keep only Etat d’avancement du dossier.
Exclude css-selector from selector

let me know

Same problem :