Taking screen shot and saving to a cell corresponding to web search

hello guys ,

I would be thankful to you guys , if you can help in checking and suggesting me some steps to do the below task ,

  1. Reading column A , Open browser - pasting value in search box and enter. (This is working fine)

  2. Now need to take screenshot of attachment there in last on the opened page , and save to corresponding column and this activity will loop in may be infinite times until the all column A items end.

i have done the process , only problem is Invoke method (copying image to clipboard and then to excel cell.)

Can you please help in the attached process attached he excel as well, screen shot will come in column “N”

screenshot.xaml (17.7 KB)
Test data.xlsx (12.3 KB)

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Use Insert Image at Cell activity under Balareva.Excel.Activities package to do this.

Cheers @Vinay_Swarnkar