Taking multiple values from Navision

I need advice how would be properly to take these values from Navision:
Order Date

UiPath is not recognize them as elements. I was going to use Find Element but it’s not working.

I hope , you haven’t installed JAVA extension. Try installing that and then check @Veselin_Ganchev

I will installed now and check it.



In the studio, under the tools, you will have the JAVA extension available :slight_smile:

Ugh sorry I will do it now and test it.

It was successfully installed then restarted UiPath.
It’s the same result when I use Find Element.


Go with CV activities @Veselin_Ganchev.


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There was error message saying “Server API key missing or Invalid [401 Error]”.
I get my ApiKey from UiPath.
But when I pasted it in activities property ApiKey still not working.Capture

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Make sure you are copying the key in the licenses tab @Veselin_Ganchev

The same working for me :slight_smile:

Can you post the screenshot of the error?

I hope we can use screen scrapping method in design tab of your studio
That would work for sure
We can use ANCHOR base activity
Where in the left side use a find image activity and select the No. wordings as image
And in the right side use screen scrapping method

Cheers @Veselin_Ganchev

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Restarted my laptop and start the project again.
Then it was working.

Then I must use regular expression to get the exact text I need, if I understand you correctly?

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No we would directly get the value from the screen scrapping method using ocr text method
Not the whole screen to be scrapped
Only the are we want

Cheers @Veselin_Ganchev