Take value from ' '

Good day!
I have array of string: ‘1’, ‘2’, ‘3’, ‘4’
I need delete ’ ’ and take only 1,2,3,4
How do it better?

Use Replace(’’) and try

YourStringVal.Replace(’ ', String.Empty)

it’s nor string.
I need it for each in my array

When you loop it you can replace and use

In your for each you do:

It s not help

It’s work only inside “for each” How change all array elements and work far?

it will for sure remove the apostrophes, but maybe you are doing it wrong…

Item.Replace("'", String.Empty).Replace("‘", String.Empty).Replace("’", String.Empty).Replace(" ", String.Empty)

put your code in between ` then it will not convert…

Thank you @bcorrea.

How? Could you write more detail?

The code I posted is exactly what you use to replace the string you posted with the string you want, except you’ll need to change Item to the name of the variable you’re using to contain the data. Use an Assign activity to filter the data.


If I check first value in array, it wiil be same before and after with ’ ’ ( ‘134’)

I need use these after “FOR EACH” activity. How?

We need to know what splitRow is set to in order to help with this.

this is almost funny to look at :slight_smile:

Can you please post the data in Message box before for each and after for each

splitRow = “‘123’, ‘aefq’, ‘3513’”

Are you trying to put a comma between each character for each item in splitRow?