Take value from a column according to filter criteria

I have a data table with several values, I need to take the value of the column “Amount” when the column “Denomination” is Equal to the cell “Selling Price”, the values can be in different cells.
So far I have this
ExtraccionTablaPrecios.Select(“Denominación=‘Precio de Venta’”)

But I need to obtain the value of the cell corresponding to the column “Amount” according to this criterion.


Hi @Beatriz_Eugenia_Duqu

Please try this in assign

This will store in a datatable

= dtTable.select(“Denomination = ‘Selling Price’”).copytodatatable

And for fetching 1st row value use



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But the problem is that the value is not always in the first row.

it have multiple selling price or only one will come?

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