Take URL link from outlook mail

Hi, People! :slight_smile:
I have problem. How to get the path to a folder on the server from the body of an email. I need to get the first link of the email.

@avanerke - Could you please share the input text and the output? I will try to provide the Regex pattern …

Does your link always start with double backslash?

Link look like :3

@avanerke - That’s not the real text…since you hoover the mouse over the hyperlink…its showing as File//blahblah…

please share the exact text …

Link: \diasoft\reporting\Distrib\XBRL\XBRL-Engine-1.06.04-HF4-20092301\

@avanerke - Please try the below Regex pattern…

like this?

And i have a problem:

@avanerke - I will share the xaml today. That will assist you.

@avanerke - Please try this…

Can you share the resulting “.xaml” file.

@avanerke - Here you go

Main.xaml (5.1 KB)

Please also look at the video on how to Video