Take the Screenshot of email and add the same screenshot to Excel sheet

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Please help me on this scenario.

I’m reading email from outlook depends on some Subject Condition and saving in one local Folder as .msg format.After saving all the mail,i need to loop and take screenshot of each mail and paste the screenshot to excel sheet.while taking screenshot need to take complete mail for example untill ‘regards’ word.so for single mail there may be 2 or 3 screenshot ,and all those i need to paste it in Excel sheet.

Below is the sample i Shown,

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Hello @yashashwini2322 take a look at this

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we would also suggest to check the requirements and possibilities to handle the use case different.

  • convert email into a image instead of 1 to …n screenshots (sc also depending on screen resolution and can cause unneeded dimensions)

Maybe also a strategy to store the images / email-as-an-archive-format somewhere else and using the excel as an index / summary can adress other needs of the use case (Regulatories, Volumnes…)