Take specific text into new rows in excel


As previous mentioned, I want to remove certain text and numbers in cells and output it in new cells. I accept both method either use read write assign or just excel formulate in cells. Appreciate any solutions and guidance.

I encountered error as the cells inside text contain spaces.

book2.xlsx (8.8 KB)

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Read range activity reads the excel data into a table

Use For-Each Row to iterate rows

2a. Assign currentRow(1) = currentRow(0).ToString.Split(" "c)(0)

2b. Assign currentRow(2) = currentRow(0).ToString.Split(" “c)(currentRow(0).ToString.Split(” "c).Length-2)

Outside For-each just use a write range and write the same table back to Excel into the same sheet
Hope this helps.


Actually Im scrapping this idea but really appreciate the helps :smiley:

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Cool @DTECH :+1::innocent:

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