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Hi team,
I have different screens appearing after each action. I want to take a screenshot of the screen but the target element isn’t fixed.

Target screen can either be a customer, vendor or a GL account screen. Can you please suggest how to take screenshot for such scenarios?

Please help

Hi @Matthew2 ,

It’s better if you use screenshot activity without selectors as it will capture any screen appearing at that time.



Well another way would be to make the selector more general in case, like there would be common attribute for that aprticular target element, using that u can able to take screenshot of any screen which is coming

Try to use css selectors here

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where’s the css selectors that you mentioned?

Css selectors are type of selectors which is constructed by using unqiue attribute in element

to learn more about it refer @Anmol_Yadav video on it

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Thanks all, I’ll give it a try

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Hi @Matthew2
if your issue is resolved , kindly mark the appropriate answer as solution

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