Take Screenshot of a Popup window: 'Could not find the user-interface (UI) element for this action'

Hi there.
I am trying to take a screenshot from a pop window that appears after I hit a specific button. I got the message :
Take Screenshot ‘Could not find the user-interface (UI) element for this action’

Possible solutions:
• Ensure application is opened and the UI element is visible on the screen at execution time
• Edit the Target of the UI activity and use Validation to debug the issue.
• If needed, re-indicate the element as its properties might have changed
• Use “Check state” activity to check the application state before executing the action
• Increase the “Delay before” value to allow time to the application to render entirely and become responsive

Please, any idea of how to solve it … Thank you in advance

HI @Daniel_Sousa

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You can try without the selectors so that it will take the whole page as a screenshot in which that popup will also appear

Try without selectors in the take screenshot and let us know


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Thank you very much … It really worked!

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Great @Daniel_Sousa

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